Crane & Heavy Equipment Simulators

  • Vortex Simulators provide the highest fidelity simulation based training available. It is modeled against real life machines.

  • With proper in-built training methodologies, it accurately simulates actual environment and hazards.

  • We offer various types of heavy machinery. Various visual, controls and fidelity hardware setups are available.



  • Vortex simulation based training solutions provide a complete platform to prepare operators for the challenges ahead.
  • Fully scalable to every training need and budget, Vortex Simulators provide realistic learning environments to allow operators to develop essential skills, safety awareness, thus reducing training costs.


Simulator Platforms

  • Vortex VxAdvantage

    • Train your heavy-lift operators in VxAdvantage’s realistic scenarios to build essential skills that help them overcome site difficulties and learn the proper safety procedure. VxAdvantage is equipped with actual equipment controls, pedals, load moment indicators (LMI) and surround audio.



  • We provide customized training simulators and solutions to match your operating environment, equipment and processes. To ensure a quick return on investment, we provide in depth user training for Instructors and operators on all provided solutions.



  • We provide in country on site support within 2–8hrs to ensure minimal downtime of your simulators to achieve maximum results from training.


How To Buy

  • Operators, drivers, soldiers and engineers are trained globally on Vortex solutions.
  • We will work with you to offer a training solution that fits your requirement and budget.
  •  Simply fill up the form on the contact us page.