Validated Vehicle Simulation Software

  • For simulating tactical wheeled & tracked vehicles, non-tactical vehicles and specialty vehicles, Vortex Dynamics offers the complete software package.
  • Designed for interoperability with existing frameworks, Vortex can be tailored, reused and scaled to meet various requirements now and for the future.
  • Supported by our experienced team of military vehicle dynamics engineers, experts and 3D modellers, we are focused on delivering the fidelity and flexibility needed to support operations planning, skills training and other simulation projects.



  • Vortex presents the world’s top adaptive vehicle simulation software. It places engineering dynamics and outcomes into virtual vehicles and simulated environments for hundreds of military, research and training scenarios.



  • With our expertise and experience in implementing scientific, engineering and simulation solutions, the Aptronics team can assist to achieve timely project success, maximizing results and minimizing costs.


  • We provide in country on site support within 2–8hrs to ensure minimal downtime of your simulators to achieve maximum results from training.

How To Buy

  • Operators, drivers, soldiers and engineers are trained globally on Vortex solutions.
  • We will work with you to offer a training solution that fits your requirement and budget.
  • Simply fill up the form on the contact us page.